Thriving Adoptees - Healing, Inspiration & Empowerment For Adoptees

Thriving Adoptees helps you along your unique journey with insights from your fellow adoptees.

So that their learnings catalyse learnings in you.

Each episode explores topics such as healing insights, epiphanies about identity and handling rejection.

I was adopted at 5 weeks old and told about it so young I don't ever remember not knowing.

I didn't experience any adoption trauma until I hit 40 when I found out my childhood teddy bear was a gift from my birth mother.

This caused an eruption of anger, feeling rejected and unloved.

That kickstarted a learning journey that led me to heal and then want to help others.

I created the podcast so guests can inspire listeners along their unique healing curves, empower them with their learnings and insights and ultimately help them see their infinite worth.

Most podcasts for adoptees focus on stories, I focus on transformation.

Email me at if you'd like to have a chat about being a guest on the show.

There have been 45,000 downloads of the show since launch in April 2021.