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Helping Our Kids Open Up With Imani Z. Seunarine

Episode Summary

How do we overcome the barriers that stop our kids opening up? How do parents recognize their kids' intrinsic mental health under the trauma and help them tap into their innate resilience? We go deep on how our own vulnerability gives our kids permission to share what's going on for them. Profound and empowering.

Episode Notes

Imani Z. Seunarine is Vice President of Behavioral Health and Outpatient Services at The Home for Little Wanderers Here's some more from their website:  

Here's a bit about The Home from their website:

As the oldest child welfare agency in America, we have maintained our commitment to children since before the Civil War. Because every child deserves happiness, and no child should go through life alone.

Each year, our community-based programs and residences meet the needs of more than 15,000 diverse youngsters and family members. These children are often society’s most vulnerable, victims of trauma, violence or shattered family lives.

We ensure their emotional, social, educational and physical well- being from birth to age 26 through a dedicated team of professionals and a wide range of critical services. As a result, disadvantaged kids have safe surroundings, loving relationships and a secure path toward tomorrow.

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