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Making Sense Of The Past To Be Happy In The Present With Sarah Gerstenzang - Adoptive Mom & Board President

Episode Summary

Sarah shares key learnings from a lifetime of personal and professional experience in this empowering and transformative episode. She covers topics such as radical acceptance to find answering and helping parents find joy from parenting.

Episode Notes

Sarah works as a therapist with foster and adoptive families in a private practice in Manhattan.  She was formerly the Executive Director of the Coalition, the Associate Director of AdoptUsKids, and a Senior Policy Analyst at Children’s Rights. She holds a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University. Her child welfare policy and practice experience includes research and publication on a range of foster care and adoption issues as well as presentations at national and international conferences. Sarah’s most recent book is Another Mother: Co-Parenting with the Foster Care System

Sarah has been a foster and kinship parent and one of her three children was adopted from the New York City foster care system. She and her husband support three additional siblings who were also in the foster care system and are now grown.

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