Thriving Adoptees - Inspiration For Adoptive Parents & Adoptees

Breaking Free With Nathan Ross Adoptee, Therapist And National Child Welfare Consultant

Episode Summary

Nathan shares his story and the importance of building connections so adoptees can navigate the world confidently and successfully. He also addresses breaking free from personal and cultural narratives and the diagnoses that can box adoptees in.

Episode Notes

Here's a little about Nathan :

"I am a therapist and national child welfare consultant who uses my life, educational, and professional experiences to improve the foster care system throughout North America. I entered foster care when I was 10 after significant abuse and neglect, as well as insufficient child welfare interventions, resulted in two of my siblings dying. Once in care, I received a wealth of supports and services that allowed me to heal and thrive, and I was later adopted. Upon discovering that my foster care experience was unique, I made the decision to center my career around increasing outcomes for future generations of children impacted by the foster care system.

Over the last ten years, I have worked with young people on crafting their stories and using their personal experiences to impact system changes, which included passing the Foster Children’s Bill of Rights in Missouri. I later developed and launched a transition program for young adults aging out of foster care that is staffed by alumni of foster care and uses a no-eject, self-determination model of support. As the founder of Resilience Recognized, I continue to use my knowledge to help agencies, organizations, and states identify and develop programs and policies that focus on authentically engaging youth, placing them at the center of decision making and recognizing their inherent strengths."

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