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Primally Wounded Or Fundamentally Unwoundable? With Nick Mabey

Episode Summary

Nancy Verrier's seminal work sometimes divides opinion, but many see it is an accurate insight into what goes on within adoption. Many don't question that perceived wisdom. This episode follows on from the last one with Rebecca Autumn Sansom as two adoptees go deeper to explore the book and its messages. Listen and make up your own mind...

Episode Notes

Nick Mabey is an adoptee  whose  created Being Adopted because 

"I created Being Adopted because, at various points in my life, when feeling lost, isolated, angry or just bewildered, I looked for help and mostly couldn’t find it. So I made a promise to create a place of belonging and help for others who’ve walked in similar shoes; this is the outcome of that promise. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are adopted and have other ideas that would help a place like this."

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