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Raising Transracial Adoptees With Isaac Etter -  Transracial Adoptee, Speaker & Activist

Episode Summary

Isaac shares his powerful story and how parents can prepare their kids for a world that will treat them differently. He talks with great insight and clarity about doing our own work, providing positive racial mirrors, cultural events and more in this enlightening and empowering episode.

Episode Notes

Isaac Etter is an activist and social entrepreneur. Isaac was transracially adopted at the age of two. He recently founded Identity a startup focused on providing accessible, diverse, and ethical adoption and foster care education. Isaac also co-founded an education and advocacy organization, SafeHouse Lancaster, where he was the co-executive director. SafeHouse Lancaster merged with YWCA Lancaster in July of 2021 and Isaac went to found Identity. Isaac also serves on the board of directors for The Keystone Business Alliance and CHI St Joseph Children's Health. They are also a frequent speaker in many different settings, including colleges, adoption agencies, and conferences.

Isaac has used his story of being adopted and growing up in a white world to curate deep conversations about race in America. With his unique insight on racial tensions between the white and black communities, they have been able to curate impactful conversations where everyone learns to value each other and their experience, while learning about systemic racism, privilege and their role in it.