Thriving Adoptees - Let's Thrive

Removing The Shrapnel Of Shame

Episode Summary

Hope is the starting point for this conversation. Because there's always hope. No matter how hard life has gotten or how firmly we are stuck. The belief that they're not good enough lies at the centre of many adoptees pain. Why else would we have been relinquished, given up or given away? It's a compelling case in our heads causing chaos in our hearts. But it's based on fundamental misunderstandings. Listen in as we go deep into the truth to bust these myths and find peace.

Episode Notes

Trisha and Rich work at Lifesong which  seeks to mobilize the Church to care for the orphan, where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to adopt, some to care, some to give. With caring people like you and church partnerships, we support children through global orphan care ministries, Christian adoptive families, and foster care initiatives.