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Searching For Relatives With DNA - A Beginner's Guide With Brianne Kirkpatrick Founder

Episode Summary

Brianne shares a host of invaluable information on how to go about using DNA to help you identify biological relatives.

Episode Notes

Here's what Brianne says about herself:

"I am an innovator at the intersection of genealogy and DNA with a passion for ancestry testing and other DNA testing that helps people understand more about their past, present, and potential future. My diverse background includes clinical genetic counseling, research, project coordination, public speaking, writing, social media engagement, and multi-media development. I excel in visual, audio, and text-based communication of complex information to the lay public, students, and other professionals. Through my private practice, Watershed DNA, I provide genetic counseling and DNA consultations, support for those with unexpected DNA findings (both medical and family/relationship discoveries). I also provide select project-based work for individual clients. Reach out through my website to start a conversation about a "genetic genealogy" project or a presentation/webinar for your organization, students, or group!"

I am a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, International Society of Genetic Genealogy, American Counseling Association, and National Genealogical Society.

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