Thriving Adoptees - Let's Heal

Unpacking Our Own Baggage As Adoptive Parents With HollyAnn Petree Mom & Executive Director

Episode Summary

Today it's YOU time. HollyAnn shares what she's learned - and continues to learn - as a mom of 9 including 6 by adoption. She's candid, vulnerable and inspirational. Make time for you. Listen in. Big ears.

Episode Notes

HollyAnn and her husband John founded Addy’s Hope in 2005 after a personal tragedy during an adoption. John and HollyAnn have 9 children: Paizley, CallieAnn, Noah, Toben, Ava, Madison, Journey, Ella and Deacon. HollyAnn has been involved in the adoption community in various roles since 2001 when she and John adopted their oldest son. HollyAnn’s first official title in the adoption world was “Mom” and this greatly impacts the way she views her role at Addy’s Hope. HollyAnn served as an adoption advocate for America World Adoption Agency in 2003 and 2004. HollyAnn also worked with a local home study service provider writing home studies and providing support for families through all stages of the adoption process and continuing long after finalization. HollyAnn has served as Executive Director of Addy’s Hope since it’s beginning when the agency placed children from Guatemala. She oversaw the Liberian program and worked to open a progressive orphanage during the time Addy’s Hope served the children and people of Liberia. It was John and HollyAnn’s passion for the children who wait longer for adoptive homes that lead Addy’s Hope into what is now the They Wait program.  

HollyAnn has a passion to see all three parts of the adoption triad served well during the adoption process. She operates with a compassion and understanding that can only come through the experience of having adopted 6 children. HollyAnn has experienced private infant adoption, international adoption, foster-to-adopt, CPS matched adoption of a teenager, and kinship adoption. Her favorite role is being mom to her 9 children who span a 19-year age gap.

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