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When Kids Push Buttons With Katie Fetzer

Episode Summary

Kids from tough places push our buttons. So what do we do? Katie shares what she's learning raising her 4 kids including 3 adopted from foster care. It's an incredibly powerful and hopeful episode that's packed full of inspirational insights right from the very outset. Because their past does not decide their futures.

Episode Notes

Katie serves 10.18 Strategy from a wealth of experience gained from her career as an entrepreneur, business consultant, executive officer, and strategist over the last seventeen years. Before founding 10.18 Strategy, Katie was a business consultant for over ten years, serving both for-profit and non-profit leaders with innovative strategies that brought solutions to complex problems. Katie has served on the board of directors of multiple non-profit organizations bringing both national impact and international aid. As a foster/adopt parent and former court-appointed child advocate, her desire to impact the lives of vulnerable children is a deeply personal and heartfelt.

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Here's a bit about  10.18  from their website

 10.18’s vision is to bring awareness to child abuse and maltreatment while also empowering individuals to take actions as child-centered advocates. Our core mission is being a voice for the voiceless and protecting children that are put into dangerous situations. We are guided by faith and the belief that it is not about the mess and brokenness of the system, it is about the possibility of restoration.

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